Wednesday, March 4, 2009

don't bother.

i can't really decide what this should be about. i doubt if anyone except the bored people who know me will end up reading this, so i don't think it matters much anyway.

so this isn't going to be pseudo-intellectual, I'm not very intellectual I'm just reasonably intelligent. it isn't going to be poetry (though there might be some of that later), because, well, I'm not very good at writing it.

maybe i can write about how the magazine is driving me crazy and MUN seems like a pointless joke that no one understands. but you don't really care, do you.

i could write about how I'm going to go up to the terrace and watch the sun set behind the ridiculously massive palm trees that most definitely do not belong on a driveway of a five storey house in chanakya puri, but it really is quite beautiful and since I'm in a rude sort of mood i don't want to ruin it for you.

i could tell you how excited i am about the holi party as i will hopefully have a fun holi after fourteen years of un-fun ones (holi with bhawani, holi with unknown people, holi with bhawaniX10, holi being dumped, etc), but since you all have heard about that already, i wont.

i could tell you about the stupid little pigeons that keep trying to build nests on my windowsill and having their heart broken every time the not-so-intelligent domestic help opens the windows.

or maybe, i could just shut up, and wait until i have something real to say.

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