Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Edible Rainbow [Desna :)]

She reached out her hand.
A delicate, translucent vision of divine flesh, as it moved with infinite grace, and dulled its surroundings in its pale radiance. She reached out her pale hand, and with the tip of her finger, touched the sky, where a gentle ripple of infatuation spread over the cosmos. Her soft touch sent the stars cascading to her feet, with sparkling sighs of ecstasy. She smiled at the little stars as they ululated in adoration, and burst into the brilliance of supernovas, as they gave up every ounce of their being to her.
Her hand reached again into the sky, the stars were not what she coveted. She parted the skies gently, and they opened their heart to her with satiny smoothness. The Sun, the most majestic of all, glowed as bright as he could, but she passed him by with a condescending smile. The planets spun into a frenzy of ecstasy, and whirled and twinkled into bursts of brightness, and spun the universe into a vortex of euphoria. She stood still.
In the midst of the whirling swirling madness of the universe, as it unleashed everything it had upon her, simply craving for her touch, she stood still, and time stood still beside her. It breathed gently into her ears, as the whistling madness of her surroundings dimmed and whirled itself into oblivion, and like a curtain being whisked away, vanished to reveal a blank expanse of existence, with her in its midst.
Her heavenly hand began to grope frantically. her eyes gleamed with hunger, as it gnawed at her belly, and clawed into the vastness.
and then she saw it.
Her urgency dimmed, her complacency returned.
She moved slowly towards it. Tucked away in the corner of the yawning white blankness, she saw the last step towards her goal.
She reached out her delicate, translucent hand, and lifted it gently, as it pulsated softly, powerfully.
She lifted it to her mouth, and slowly began to savour what she had searched for.
Violet. gentle serenity, powerful, fragrant beauty. her eyes closed with delight, at the depth of the flavours..
Indigo. deep, violent, yet calm and benign..
Blue. gentle, playful, light and teasing. Her eyes lit up with delight, and gleamed with triumph.
Green, fiery, peppery delight; soothing freshness.
Yellow. soft, squishy mellowness, delicious warmth.
Orange, sour brightness, rebellious vibrancy. she couldn't swallow it in one gulp, she forced it down her throat as it did its best to bursts onto the blank vastness.
Red. her eyes gleamed, and her graceful hand clawed at the colour desperately. her eyes reflected the depth of the burnished red, as she slowly swallowed, savouring every mouthful.
Vivid, sensual, dangerous flavours mingled in her mouth, as the blankness dissolved into Nothing.
She stood alone in Nothing, with time slowly vanishing, its breath growing shorter and shorter. she had eaten the rainbow, flooded the cosmos, and destroyed the universe.
And she stood in the centre of the fast-vanishing reality, with the rainbow undulating and pulsing in her belly, as the world faded,


  1. eatable LOL...

    I can't believe you managed to spin a tale about desna's random comment...
    I love it, the way it transcends to its wow.

  2. ... um...



    wha... ?!...

    its, um... really nice...


  3. its so yummy!!!....hawkeye go kill yourself. We just have to try and eat a rainbow one day.!!

  4. alchemy16?Hawkeye?Penny Lane? Who are these people???

  5. very nice radhika.....

    kirat, they were trying to get radhika to use an alias which went along the lines of tangerine skies or something like that.......btw, you forgot the radioactive songbird.....sorry, flighty songbird...