Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Stole the Colours from your Sky

The musty red of the swirling dust
The fresh warm brown scent of the rainy earth
The gentle whiff of moonlight.
The opalescent yellow glow of the last streetlamp
The tinny metallic harshness
Of that abandoned corrugated iron sheet
Rusting into oblivion
In a myriad of specked orange.

That forgotten shade of red
That isn’t found in apples or roses
But is twice as deep and beautiful;
The deepest aquamarine
That is found in the depth of the sea
In that perfect instant
When the sunlight lets off its tiniest glimmer.
That gorgeous silvery glow of happiness
In the dark-woman’s eyes
That no-one notices
Because the rest of her is colourless
The gentle warm yellow
Of the streetcat’s eyes
As it lurks in the murky dank blankness.
The sky at sunset-
Not where the sun dips
But behind you
The riot of blues indigos grays and purples
With the tiniest smidgens of orange and pink…
I stole all those colours from you sky
Because you've never seen them
I stole the colours from your sky
And you didn’t even know
Your world turned into shiny plastic
Into the perfect blend of primaries
I stole the depth of the colours from your sky
and painted my world
into Heaven.

1 comment:

  1. You are obsessed with colour...
    But its still wow...