Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Stop... .

I was just thinking.... and i suddenly though of full stops. and written words and how marks on paper can change a life, and most letters and sentences end with full stops. how one tiny little speck can end and conclude a sentence of any magnitude. its a bit of a let down isn't it? a life changing sentence, that holds all the meaning in the world for someone, to end with a tiny speck. also... if there are three specks, isn't it funny that if one speck can conclude a sentence....three, four, of the same specks show that the sentence carries on indefinitely? how the same little speck combines with other specks to make something utterly contradictory to its original existence?
now, our existence is made up of statements. right?
move onto questions. if you think of a statement, any statement, doesn't the statement answer some question or the other? what if you worked backwards, and thought of a statement, and then thought of the questions that lead to it..... an answer exists only because a question does, so doesn't the answers existence depend on the question? then, isn't the answer the answer to hundred of different questions? Then, isn't statement made up of hundreds of questions? and the statements, which are made up of hundreds questions, essential to our existence?
so a statement is made up of questions. therefore, our existence is made up of questions.
if you think of it, more scientifically, each letter, word, or mark, is made up of hundreds of dots right? dots are full stops, so each word is made up of hundreds of full stops. but one full stop concludes all those words. just one. one extra.
almost the same way a statement is made up of questions. but inevitably, there comes one question that cant be answered. but THAT question exists to supplement OUR existence
our entire existence is a collection of fragments, and patterns that those fragments form. so (however cliched it may sound) its like a weird sort of a puzzle right? but if all those pieces were there, and fixed, we wouldn't be able to shift them around and rearrange them?
its like we all are "jali's", rather, our senses are our "jali's", only bits and pieces of the puzzle filter into our conscious existence. like we're looking at everything, taking in life through a tea strainer. and bits of it are being filtered away. which is why we can shift around those puzzle pieces, and change things. because there's always one piece missing. one full stop extra. one question extra, that the answer to is missing.
our perception and our senses fragment our existence, seeing, hearing, feeling, the presence of the senses filters out the missing bits and doesn't let them into us.
is that what dying is? not just us blinking out of existence, but our SENSES blinking out of existence, so that that missing piece is added to us? and we cant shift them around anymore, the pieces aren't in our hands to shift around, we cant try to make them fit anymore. they fall into place on their own.
our existence is fragmented by our senses and perceptions, but it is that fragmentation that makes us whole, that completes OUR existence and allows us to have an existence, because one the pieces are fixed, so is our existence, it isn't an existence anymore, its just stuck and cant move and cant do anything, its just there. and doesn't exist.