Wednesday, June 17, 2009


to notice little things
is the most beautiful part
to be able to see the small things that you remember
to see them leap out of your sub-conscience
without you meaning them to
to hear you laugh at them,
and to laugh with you,
knowing that i know when you remembered that from.
talking to you
and listening to you,
as you make me laugh
doubting you, doubting our moment,
but for just that moment,
letting go of all the doubt,
and being able to smile with you.
i know that smiles fade away,
smiles are as short as a quick breath
that passes forgotten,
so its alright for you to smile
you know it means nothing.
you forget the smiles,
but i remember them
hoard them up in my heart,
treasure them, count them,
and count them again,
and know that i have a part of you all to myself.

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