Sunday, July 12, 2009

Queen of Hearts

she grinned manically at her reflection, as it grinned manically back at her. it was perfect, this one. ice cold, with red veins running through it, giving it the slightest gleam of pink. she impatiently kicked the pieces of the last one to the corner, someone or the other would clean it up, and she secured her new one into place and stepped out of her closet. she smiled at the people she passed on her way down, her pale pink, ice cold smile. her nose held itself a fraction higher, as she got used to the coldness, felt it become a part of her persona. her last one had been a waste. she had only selected it out of curiosity, being suddenly drawn to its gentle, engulfing warmth and it then had shattered into a million pieces, shaking her badly. and now she was going to fix the problems she had caused with it. she found him, looking away. and strangely enough, she felt a thawing inside. a gentle thaw, not melting just yet, but not ice-cold anymore either. he looked at her, and the thaw grew considerably. shaken, she walked away quickly, and the freeze resumed. she got used to the new frostiness, and lived accordingly. her life became a snare of perfection, idealism, coldness, theatrical composition, artistic gestures, and ruthless lies. she rampaged and ravaged, and destroyed everything around her in an effort to hurt him, but he remained untouched, oblivious. he was so unreal, she couldn't understand him. he was nothing like her new heart, he was not ice-cold, but still not warm and comforting. he wasn't real, yet he was, he wasn't harsh, but he wasn't gentle. he wasn't angry, he wasn't sad, but at the same time, he wasn't completely indifferent. her confusion grew into anger, red hot, and in her whirling fury she began to demolish everything around her in an effort to understand. and suddenly, it burst. the tiny pink veins swelled and pulsated, it throbbed for an instant, looking thrice its size, and then shattered into tiny fragmented icicles, that dissolved in a fraction of a second, leaving her with absolutely nothing.
she shrieked in incomprehension and misery, and wept as she ran from the destruction she had caused. her perfectly constructed, carefully broken, and magically reconstructed cardboard world swayed and toppled completely as she fled, leaving behind an blank plane of nothingness. she ran to her closet to throw it open, clawing wildly inside. she gasped as she realized. the gleaming white perfectly polished racks were empty. her hearts were over, they were all gone.

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