Sunday, August 9, 2009

Close Your Eyes

close your eyes
and imagine that the wind is taking you with it
to all the places it wants to go
close your eyes
and watch
as it takes you through its phases
anger, misery, lust, euphoria
to the slow melancholy whistling
at a broken hearts window
slowly building..
gasp as the fury wrenches at its soul
at the pain the wind left behind
the shattering silence
the shades of quiet.
feel for the poor heart
left crying over the broken glass,
and then move on with the wind,
close you eyes
and watch
from a distance
all that you were.


  1. i didn't know you were still updating your blog.

    this is really good, to read something like this after going through article after article about the idiots (and two sane people) who run this world, is really- don't know the word- calming?

  2. you like my poem! =o You're the last person who i thought would...