Sunday, September 27, 2009


You're beautiful
like the angry rain.
and the spot of sunshine on the hills,
peeping between the shadows of the clouds.
and when you giggle in your sleep
and mumble secrets that no one will know,
everyone can't help but smile.
your swishing hair
and swirling eyes,
magnified voice and
complete authority..
your baby soft skin
as you curl up into sleep,
is the only sign of how small you are.
your manic laugh,
that is twice the size of the rest of you,
your exaggerated surprise,
your sudden bursts of hysteria
and incomprehensible fury..
for someone so tiny,
you're larger than life could ever hope to be.


  1. :) forgot the pointy teeth though.

  2. theyre not there anymore, the tooth fairy visited a couple of times.. :P