Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i never got the chance
to tell you how beautiful you are
how your eyes lit up my heart
and your voice made me smile
i never got the chance
to say i love you
and hear you say it back

the world hurts
as it crashes down around your ears

i never got to say I'm sorry
I'm sorry
my squidgy, I'm sorry
more than you'll ever know

i wanted you to be perfect
and wasted the beauty away.

aching loneliness.
i never wanted it to end this way
i feel like one big fat cliche
i feel like I'm repulsive.

i don't think all those things.

you know i love you,
you're You.
and i know,
whatever i say
you'll love me too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


to the clock's incessant ticking
as it slows to a halt
to the whoosh of the trees as they whisper the secrets
of the birds that they keep hidden
listen to that peacock in the distance
and wonder
how such a beautiful bird
could have a voice so harsh
listen quietly
to the din of the cars
in such a hurry
to get to where they have to go
and listen
to how each car sounds different
each swish of tyres on tar is different
and listen
to how quickly each one moves away
keep listening
look out of your little window
and see the shocking unreal green
of the trees bathed in the glow of rain
at that little black bird with the long tail
that doesn't make a sound
look at those crows
as they caw away
and frighten all the pigeons
the little brown pigeon
as it bobs around the floor
looking for morsels the crows left behind
close your eyes
and feel the swish of the the wind
as it talks animatedly of the places it has been
and plays with your hair
and then gently bathes you in serenity.

will you ever see all that i saw?
will you see the birds,
hear the wind,
and feel the magic?
no, you have eyes only for me
your vision of perfection
you will see nothing else
and expect me to be flattered
you have eyes only for me
for how beautiful you think i am
you do not see the tiredness in my eyes
and the hand that is slowly slipping away from yours.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


the slightest puff of air,
a gentle breath
drawn in by the heavens
in a whoosh of happy suprise
the swirling breeze
like a puffy cloud,
floating on wings of its own
rising higher and higher
in slow-building joy.
the surprise
that the first gust of wind brings
the sudden beauty of
the sunlight filtering gently through the clouds,
and transforming the mountains
into a patchwork quilt of green and gold.
the mountains
frigid blasts of coldness
sudden warmth
the companionship that a crackling fire brings.
stories and laughter,
the gentle glow of togetherness.