Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i look at her
and wonder,
whether she knows how well i know her.
and then think a little more.
and i realize,
she knows me better than i know myself
she makes me laugh like noone else knows how to
she's seen me cry the ugliest tears i had
and still loved me
she dances around
and turns the world on its head
and makes me pale in insignificance,
and still feel beautiful
sometimes i wonder
why she bothers with me
but then i know
that i dont have to think so much.
she whirls and spins
and makes the world dance to her tunes
and makes the sky fall in love with her
and rainbows seem commonplace
flitters like a fairy
is as happy as an elephant
laughs like a boy
and is the most beautiful thing in the world.
i'm scared to tell her how beautiful she is
because i'm so scared
that she'll vanish
not in a puff of smoke
but that she'll corrode away
and fall to pieces
and turn into something else.

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