Monday, February 15, 2010

and so we graduated

we reach the end of a time
a long time
or so it seems.
we walked a long way
through golden sand
and squelching puddles
and through amber sunsets
and overrated moons.
and we laugh
at all the pieces we collected
spread them out on the table
and smile
remember when..
remember when
you made me laugh
harder than anyone else knew how to
remember when we
pointed at them
and laughed at her terrible clothes
and how bad his jokes were
remember when
we sat on the bathroom floor
and you watched as i cried my heart out
remember when
we walked
and felt the wind blowing in our faces
and somehow, never thought that it was a moment significant enough to remember.
so many little pieces
its hard to keep track
and we know that some will slip through the cracks
and get lost along the way
and some will lie forgotten in dusty corners
but all of them
someone or the other will remember
and treasure
in their own way...

and so we store our memories,
break them up,
and put them away in a dusty old box,
like a thousand piece puzzle,
the kind that old people have.
even if you never put them together again,
you know that when you will,
you'll make something beautiful..

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