Sunday, February 28, 2010

da da da dum

am i selfish? is it wrong that i don't want other people to finish my sentences and interpret my words, and still appreciate me? is it odd that i want to be accepted and loved, but exactly as I see myself, and not others' interpretations of me?
this blog started out as escapism. a tiny little bunbury. it started out as an Algy-ish bunbury, where the point is to escape, in style, but nonetheless what he does on his bunburies is never the point. but now its evolving into an Ernest-like situation. and i feel inordinately happy when people rate my posts.
and slowly, the stubborn my-blog-is-for-me-to-write-not-other-people-to-read complex receding into sheepish, oh-YAY-someone-actually-READ-it!



  1. To the part before the *** .. yes, me too.

    I like your prose more than your poetry. Don't know why. The structure, maybe.

  2. thanks =) and i guess in a way, my poetry is too personal for it to be for other people, you know? so unless you know it was written for you, it doesn't appeal to you. or so i'd like to tell myself. =p