Sunday, February 7, 2010


she is "glad"
that she met me
and glad that we cried
and glad that the ocean
didnt fit inside
her palm
and glad that the butterfly didn't want to play
and glad that the puppy refused to stay
because he wanted sometimes,
to be loved a little less.
so what was the harm
in her happiness?
she is but a child
let her heart break
and let her mend it herself
let her see rainbows and moonlight
and think that it will last forever
were made to be mended
and so let her mend her own
sew it up
with fraying blue thread
and let her smile wistfully
and remember that once
it was the colour of the sky
and let her be glad for it.
let her be glad
for every little thing god gives her
let her make herself happy
are the only person you have to live with
so better
that it is you
who makes you happy.
little Pollyanna
look at the world around you
see the people
as they selfishly grasp at the fraying threads of happiness
pull a web of people around them
and make them make their dreams come true
look at them
and be glad for them.

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