Monday, February 8, 2010


she lay back
and waited
for love
to prance along
and tie a velvet bow in her hair
wait till she tightened its bow tie
and then walk off to tea and cakes together.
she lay back
and waited
for love to slip through the door
and make her forget the world for a while
and then wake up hours
to a tainted,
red-tinged sun.
she lay back
and snuggled under the covers
and waited for love to snuggle down beside her
whisper into her ear
and hold her
till she fell asleep
and then watch her breathing
with no other thought in the world
she waited
for love
to take her by the hand
and skip through sunrises and flower-gardens
and laugh
and take pictures of it all
to preserve in silver frames
so that people could remark
how beautiful she and love looked together
back in the day.

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