Sunday, February 7, 2010


it's strange
how suddenly
i'm glad you exist
how odd it is
that the number of times
I've wished you away
more thankful for you than for anyone else.
when i feel disconnected from the world
i think of you
and how you're probably the only one who'd understand
you think like me
we're like two cabbage patch dolls
cut from a very different cloth
different colours
different ragged clothes and hair
but somewhere,
some resemblance.
i even love you
because you say these things
that make me wish i had thought them myself.
you're the other side of the rainbow
the realer one
the depth of the spectrum
rather than the different coloured glow
you make more sense than i ever will
you plant your feet firmer into life
than i will ever know how to.
cabbage patch doll,
don't hate me
don't ever let me hurt you
we were meant to meet,
and meant to understand each other
despising each other
for knowing our thoughts better than we know them ourselves.

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