Sunday, March 21, 2010


her eyes deepened
as she watched
him walk

where was he walking?
or towards?
no one knew

and everyone knew
and no one knew

and they wouldn't tell her.

she watched
as he breathed
and his eyes softened
into something
she felt the world tremble
but who his eyes
lit up for
no one could tell her
they all knew
and they didn't know
because everyone
they couldn't tell her.

his head turned
and the fraction of a glance
a smile
a voice
the world burst open
why did the world burst open?
no one would tell her

so she stamped her foot
and she
and ranted
and walked up to him and glared
and split
the mirage at the seams

and then he gently said
i cant tell you
so softly
that she knew something
but still didn't know anything at all.

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