Sunday, March 14, 2010

Return to the Hundred Acre Wood

i think i like Pooh and co. a bit too much, and i know that it doesn't say much for my mental level. but you know what, that's okay. judge me. go ahead. if you are a Winnie-the-Pooh hater, you don't count for much in the scheme of life anyway.

i... liked the new book. it made me smile. and that's what pooh is supposed to do, right?
(i have board exams going on, and I'm reading Winnie-the-Pooh.)
okay, so i see where you're coming from with the raised eyebrows. but oh well.

i appreciate the fact that David Benedictus stuck to the original concept and didn't go the Disney way.
i mean, really. Pooh bear with his red t-shirt is cute and all that, but Poohs aren't meant to be "cute". they are meant to be Bears of Very Little Brain, who eat Honey, and make hums, and say these lovely floaty things that make your heart smile. they are not meant to bounce and have odd little put-on voices that are neither man nor bear.
the Disney hundred acre wood works, and is adorable, if you consider it to be something completely outside A. A. Milne's original world. different galaxy.

but back to the latest Pooh on the block. some are rather critical. but i have to admit, i like him.
it isn't half as good as the old pooh, and you know, pooh could have been left where he was. but in a way, I'm glad he wasn't. i liked the illustrations, they were sort of halfway between shepherd's originals and Disney's wobbly-creature.

i think no one could live up to Milne's style. when something exists in a person's head, only they can bring them out properly, and i don't think anyone will ever do justice to it. But the new book, almost, almost got there.
and the fact that I'm not left outraged, furious, and broken hearted at the latest massacre of my all time favourite friend, but instead, left feeling quite happy, has much to say about the book.

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  1. I haven't read the new one. But I loved the old one in a secret, precious way. Which is why I can't be angry/outraged if another man tries to recreate that. Because at least he tried. And at least he was honest.

    Thank you for the blog visit. Hello.