Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love everything I've written for you

that poem,
that you never read
that still makers me smile when I read it
that poem
you don't know was about you
and then
that last one,
that no one else understood, or liked..
that ones my favourite
because I put something special into them.
I don't put You into them,
I don't know you well enough to.
I don't put myself into them
I don't trust myself to
I weave them around something even I don't understand,
so how could anyone else?
blindingly obvious
yet so intricate, and so ridiculous,
that no one, will ever really see.
and why do i write them?
am i crying out for someone to see,
and call me foolish?
or is it another shot
at 'letting it all out'?
i know;
i know what you think,
and what everyone else does.
and i think it too
but i still
cant help myself,
and i still
love everything i ever wrote for you.

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