Tuesday, April 20, 2010


watermelons, are the most frustrating things in the world.
firstly, they are so damn huge, that you have to saw through them. and then sit and chop it all into little red pieces and squirt diluted reddish liquid all over the table.
and then eating them. the reddest pieces taste the best, but they have the most seeds. so you sit and cut them up into tinier pieces, and poke out all the seeds with your fork. or, you can have the less red, whitish pieces with less seeds. but they always taste slightly bitter.
and so you spend an hour on your little bowl of watermelon, patiently poking out seeds and eating tiny tiny pieces, and then finally, when you finish, you're left with the thank-god-That's-over feeling, and nothing even remotely close to hey-that-was-yummy! watermelons are supposed to be a special summer treat. that I've had forced on me every morning for the past week. and I am SICK of them.

I think all this sitting around and doing nothing is getting to me.

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