Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Radhika- Abanindranath Tagore'

she is pale green.
and i stand in front of her,
with my mother smiling,
next to me,
i'm captivated.
her hands are lifted,
and her eyes have no depth
and turned away.
a fallen pot,
a dancing figure,
gracefully silhouetted.
my namesake? or so i'd like to think
a flash of gold
floating green cloth,
beauty and eyes turned away
and then i walk on to other paintings
lesser and bigger
and brighter and deeper
but only wanting to carry her away with me
and turn her eyes towards me and
bring her hands back to her sides
and have her look me in the eye
and see
whether her legs move awkwardly
and whether her smile is too wide
and her hips too broad
and her laugh too loud
and whether her soul
is fragmented
and was still captured in an instant of beauty
or whether her eyes
are only beautiful
because they knew when to turn away.


  1. this is by far one of the most beautifully written poems i have read. The imagery is truly exquisite.

    Nice poem,


  2. yes i really enjoyed reading this!