Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So maybe, my blog needs a direction. eerily symbolic, perhaps, (da da da daa) of how my life needs direction (dhush).
Maybe i should dedicate it exclusively to my admittedly crappy morbid poetry. Or maybe i should take an interest in the world around me and write with refreshing perspective, keen insight and at times, touching wonderment and naivety. Or, i could write about my delightful life and hopes and aspirations, in the heart of a bustling metropolis, and about the nice young man I've found. So many novels seem to have made themselves a success from this and surely with my insight and perspective and wonderment and naivety i could too. I could also, blog about my family. I could write a book about my family. A whole series of books. They are quite fascinating. And i could put up pictures of cute little children. And maybe even find a dog from somewhere, dogs seem to complete things somehow. Maybe. I could start four different blogs. The poetry one would have a black/brown background, with brooding colours, and images of inkpots and quills and scrolls scattered around artistically. The second one would be crisp and dull, with a white or light blue background and a discreet AdSense column. (no reference to anyone, i swear). The family one would be flowery and appealing, with lots of borders and curly fonts and tastefully bright, almost-but-not-quite cheerful colours. And the Life in New Delhi one would bright and kitschy and have lots of pictures of fruit stands and rickshaw pullers and Holi. (I'm beginning to see why this theme works, i like it best so far.) So i should lose the Bunbury bug and green blobs, and get rid of the nondescript grey blobs, and vague attempts at colour, and pick a direction. where do i go from here?
i could adopt a whole range of fabindia prints. or large shades and an oversized leather handbag. or lose some weight and wear extra short shorts, which are apparently all the rage nowadays. no, scratch that, too much effort. and I'm not even going to think about the too much kajal and black clothes with strange metallic studs. i could get glasses, which I'm sure i need, and wear collared shirts and discuss poetry and social issues and delicately plunk out Fur Elise on the piano.
so, now, after mocking the more ghastly stereotypes, which one do i fit into? its quite shocking how versatile i am, come to think of it. or conversely, how i don't fit into a single of these categories properly, and am still so incredibly boring that its a bit of a stretch to call me "unique". maybe, before college starts, i should devote myself to one of these groups. just to make it easier to decide what to wear everyday.
I'm thinking fabindia and feminism. at least that way no one looks too closely at you.


  1. You're going over the edge.

    PS. Fabindia doesn't do V necks.

  2. As always, lovely. You write so beautifully and honsetly.. every word follows another like a well-thought out verse, straight from the heart.


    "dogs seem to complete things somehow." Love this.

    And start 4 blogs. Would be good to read all your wonderful and fresh thoughts on everything from your family to the imaginary dog to the new guy... :) (I have 7 blogs, and somehow I need more everyday) :P

    Take care. Keep writing.