Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so save me some
azure light
moonlight shining off the whites of your eyes
save some starshine
on the skyline
colours bouncing under the soles of your feet
save me a
splash of your heart
worlds part
with the whirl of someone you were meant to meet
save me a goodbye kiss
quick hug bliss
fluttering souls of fireflies

a blast of shots fired blindly and me standing in the middle with my heart pointed to the heavens.
a shooting star exploding in my face, the blast firing me back into the past and exploding into my senses.
tears wracking me as i weep silently, body quivering dewdrops and grief, as my heart wrenches itself apart to spill a million dying stars.
shiny bubbles surrounding me in my grey clothes and rainbows exploding all around as i shrink and pale into translucent nothingness.

slow dance

slow the music down
and hold me
we don't know how to dance
but we fit perfectly
and move clumsily
slow down
and hold me
sway gracelessly
across our tightrope
delicately on
moment's breath
spiderthread of starlight.

Monday, July 5, 2010


she smiles, as she looks at it again.
frowns, and makes it perfect.
a comma missing, a deliberately placed capital letter.
and a heart crying
to find a soul that understands it.
she smiles in satisfaction,
and presses a button.
and a sign pops up
asking her
if she is sure
she affirms
with a slight nod of her head
and holds her breath
for it to appear
and for plain writing to tell her
that once again
like every other day
she has spilled her heart
in Trebuchet.


i turn the rewind knob in my head
turn it back just a little
and watch everything
as it goes right,
i watch as
our hugs become shorter and stiffer
and i watch the light in our eyes flicker
from day to day
growing not colder,
but different
i watch your smile
and it changes
in a way i don't understand
i watch
as i reach the skepticism
and wondering what just happened,
and wondering what will follow,
as it melts from the bemused happiness
i watch as we sit cold and perplexed,
waiting for the other
to realize what love becomes.