Monday, August 23, 2010


you thought you would just go plodding along
and read ahead sometimes
and take it as it comes
when suddenly you pause for a breath,
and realize how much has flashed by
and how behind on your reading you are
and how monotonous those few days seemed
when all you did
was pause to catch up.

Friday, August 13, 2010

"the dust has only just begun to fall"
as the voice of your footsteps echoes away

Sunday, August 8, 2010

i already want to grow old
i want to sit quietly
with nothing to do
with no purpose
but to rock back and forth
and embroider happiness for you.
and people,
they come and go
talking of Michaelangelo

and walk around
inside your life
little pattering feet
filling up your day, and
when they walk away,
sometimes the grain of silence
they leave
grates against every other sound you hear.
people come and people go and nothing seems to mean forever
love will come and love will go but tears will wash themselves away
and the whites of your eyes are yellow skies that shine your love for me today
a burst of your breath and the warmth of your skin and the whirring fan and heartbeat din and the muffled sunlight catch my heart and trick me into forever.


a new bump
to roll over.
a little one.
a small protrusion from the normal.
the first tremor of breath
a cottonball wisp of hair
and tiny fingernails.
grasping fingers
sunshine eyes
and a gaping
sky-bright smile
starting with a tiny rolling bump
covered by a sunshine yellow cotton dress.