Friday, September 24, 2010


little bits begin to crumble off
and wobble on, 
and it hurts a little,
that i dont feel beautiful anymore.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


is it strange,
that it feels nice
that i can sit in your arms
and think about other things
and feel happy,
that you're just there?
is it odd,
that mellow is the nicest its ever been,
and chicken momos and hugs and dogs make my day?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


its your birthday.
and i thought I'd let you know, that i love you. :)

because we are the only retards who laugh at our own jokes.
because i'm the only one who hears your nasty little comments, and then goes red in the face laughing while everyone stares.
because you think i'm funny and noone else does.
and i laughed at worst puns on the planet.
because Sanskrit and ants coming out of Garuda's ears and a hypnotizing lion, will make us burst into laughter even fifty years from now.
because we've been through pretty much everything together right since we could talk. almost.
because of our matching Chinese shirts and Russian dolls.
because you're one of the only people who will actually tell me exactly what you think.
because you were all vague and nice about the various boyfriends when you could totally have taken my case about every one of them. (except nick of course)
because you are pretty much one of the smartest people i know.
because sometimes, we know exactly what the other is thinking, and if we're in a good mood, anything under the sun becomes funny.
because of iced tea :D
and cause your house is home now.
because you always listen to me for hours, when i'm telling the most inane stories, and nod very seriously at whatever i say.
because of KAMEYAMEYA. (dude. seriously.)

because you are awesome.

and you are eighteen.
and you must have the best birthday ever. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


sleep heals things
that you never noticed were breaking.
being able to
sleep in someone's arms
means more than you realized
sharing dreams
is less important than sharing silence
when you want everything to go back to being better,
go to sleep together.