Monday, November 29, 2010

Nonsense Verse

What am I?
You're the sunshine in the centre of a block of butter
You're the little squishy baby peas,
The tiny ones in a bowl of buttery boiled green.
Why is the earth round?
Because when things explode, they spin into separates little blobs
Spin around in circles and make their own paths.
Where did you come from?
From the centre of the cluster-flowers,
The tiny little middle
Of the tiny little flowers
That haven't opened up yet.
And where are you going?
To the ends of the earth
To bring you a little silvery magic pea...
And what will I do with the pea? 
You will eat it my love,
And understand how important
The little things are
And because I am your pea princess.
And why do you love me?
But that, my love,
Is a question for the ages.

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