Monday, December 20, 2010

Neon orange is eerie enough, 
Neon orange at perfectly spaced intervals 
Gaps filled imperfectly with odd patterns, bathed in 
Odd brightness
Thrown out in a circular net.
And then grass
Neon turns to candlelight 
A black figure
Candles melted into different lengths
Glowing up at it confusedly.
Somehow, so much stranger.
The lights, they were meant to be there
But the candles I could not understand
Who put them there?
Too uneven and human
To be logically explained. 
Buddha, one does not associate with candles. 
And streetlights, we never wonder about.
Where did they come up with streetlights from? 
Did they start off as candles, unevenly n spaced
To light the way for divine feet?