Monday, February 14, 2011


i did a project,
about the historical context of Noah's Ark.
about all these people,
who claim to have found the remains of it.
the battered skeleton of a grand story
a story that everyone knows
and people troop to these four wonderful places
and stare at strangely shaped, spaceship, mangled bits of wood
imagine a white bearded man with a cosy wife,
with a pair of giraffes nuzzling their necks.

and i dove down to a shipwreck once.
and almost choked, because i couldn't really understand how to breathe through a plastic tube
and i saw something beautiful
the sea is always beautiful, when you look at it through a clear pane of glass,
and there were fish
and there was moldy wood
and so many colours, that i was shocked
and it was an old fishing boat, he said
that had capsized some years ago.

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